Administrative Board Application

Are you interested in becoming an Administrative Board Member for Homeless HEAL? Please review the roles below and apply!

Administrative Board Application Information

Please note the application deadline:

August 14th, 2021 at 11:59 PM

Description of the Roles

If you are interested in becoming an Administrative Board Member, please read all the roles below in addition to the time commitment required by each role. You are more than welcome to apply to multiple roles of your interest. Please plan on staying with the organization for at least 1 academic year in order to qualify for these positions. Any current member is encouraged to apply, even if they are newly accepted. Directors (not including Volunteer Director) are required to attend two 40-minute meetings every month to simply discuss any questions, progress, etc. with other Board Members and the Board Advisor.

All applicants will be informed of decisions by August 16th, 2021.

Communications Director

  • Minimum 1 year commitment
  • Must take photos during events (and GBMs). 
  • Responsible for organization registration in August prior to the beginning of the Fall quarter, and designates four or more UCSD-student principal members.
  • Creates and prints all on-campus/off-campus advertisements following all One-Stop Guidelines (communicates and approves with the Scheduling and Outreach Director for all advertising). 
  • Contacts other organizations for Homeless HEAL-related events (namely application cycles).
  • Attends other organizations’ events/GBMs in order to raise awareness of Homeless HEAL.
  • Presides at all organization meetings.

Social Marketing Director + Treasurer

  • Minimum 1 year commitment. 
  • Maintains website and social media by periodically updating. 
  • Works with fellow Board members to create social media posts to advertise and broadcast messages for the organization.
  • Manages funds within the organization and reports the amount of money the organization has every month on the respective Spreadsheet(s).
  • Responsible for organizing fundraisers for the organization for additional financial support. 
  • Responsible for obtaining all out-of-pocket expenses from HHEAL members and reimbursing them by completing the Payment Request Form.
  • Responsible for collecting the annual HHEAL member expense from all members and placing it in the organization’s fund. 
  • Presides at all organization meetings.d

Outreach Director

  • Minimum 1 year commitment
  • Responsible for expanding the organization to new shelters, understanding the demographics of the area, and becoming acquainted with the clients.
  • Responsible for working alongside facility and program directors to create respective curriculum schedules, as well as modifying the present curriculum to reflect the needs of the facility if need be (i.e. including, or not including, specific units and/or classes), relays facility scheduling details to the Education Director.
  • Communicates with the Education Director to avoid scheduling overlap and conflict.
  • Presides at all organization meetings. 


General Information


For the upcoming academic year, please select all the months that you can commit at least 15 hours to being an Board Director for Homeless HEAL


Motivation for Board Member

For all the roles that you are interested in, please detail why you are interested in that role(s). Feel free to include any qualities, characteristics, and life experiences that would contribute to the mission of Homeless HEAL (350-word limit). (required)

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