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Please refer to the frequently asked questions below on the layout of Homeless HEAL.

What exactly does Homeless HEAL do?

Essentially, our organization operates to recruit undergraduate and graduate students and have them develop health-based education presentations to various homeless and underserved shelters across San Diego. These members, also referred to as Student Educators, also participate in Projects Initiatives, which are outreach projects targeted towards lessening the health disparities homeless individuals face. 

How can I get involved with Homeless HEAL?

If you are interested in being a part of Homeless HEAL, please apply here:. We have four application cycles over the course of the academic year: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. If the application cycle is closed, the date will be listed on the Get Involved Page for when the next application cycle will open.

Am I eligible to apply for Homeless HEAL?

Everyone and anyone is encouraged to apply for the organization. Because Student Educators are required to develop curriculum and teach, we expect applicants to have a basic understanding of biology, chemistry, and physiology/anatomy. Applicants do not need to have STEM majors to be in the organization. All students from all grade levels are encouraged to apply, including Freshman and Sophomore. 

What is the difference between a Student Educator and a Lead Instructor?

Student Educators are members of Homeless HEAL who develop the curriculum and teach the classes. A Student Educator will work with a fellow Student Educator to complete a presentation; no Student Educator will work on a presentation individually, unless they gain approval to work individually by the Education Director. The Lead Instructors monitor the Student Educators and guide them through the process of making a standardized presentation for Homeless HEAL and reviews their presentations and directly communicates with the Education Director on their Students’ progress. A Student Educator can be a Lead Instructor after teaching a minimum of 2 classes. This decision is made by the Education Director. 

Are there any leadership opportunities available?

Opportunities from being a Student Educator and teaching classes to the homeless to devising strategies to better the life outcomes of homeless individuals through participating in Projects Initiative, are leadership opportunities. Homeless HEAL believes in entrusting all members with critical responsibilities that encourage the betterment of the greater San Diego community. In addition, Student Educators can apply to be Lead Instructors, Project Leaders, and members of the Admin Board.  

If accepted into the organization, do I need to reapply?

No, once you are in the organization, you do not need to reapply.

What are the responsibilities that members have to carry out?

All members are required to do the following:

-Pay $15 dues every academic year

-Teach 1 class a quarter

-Be involved in 1 project every quarter

-Respond to emails within 48 hours of receiving the email

Do you have any questions?

Please fill out the Contact Form below to ask your question and we will get back to you within 3-5 business days.

Projects Initiative

All members of Homeless HEAL participate in a project that allows them to further connect with the homeless and underserved community in San Diego. Here are our current projects and their respective descriptions:

Interorganizational Mentorship Program

The program is focused on creating mentor-mentee relationships between members within the organization. We have a diverse group of knowledge and experiences and want to foster relationships that can help members grow together.

Homeless Youth Tutoring Program

The goal of this project is to form a relationship with a shelter or organization that works with homeless youth. The group will then establish a tutoring program with the purpose of preparing homeless youth for their current classes as well as the future. 

Community Kitchen Task Force

This project will develop a cooking class for the homeless community and plan how to implement the class when social distancing restrictions ease. The goal is to create a program that is accessible for the homeless community and includes advice and recipes that are realistic and attainable by the homeless community. 

Homeless “Vital Sign” Research for Advocacy

This is a research project designed to eventually turn into advocacy for realistic solutions for systematic change to improve health care availability for homeless individuals. The project stems from the idea of having a homelessness vital sign that is checked when patients arrive. This idea as well as others like increasing numbers of patient centered medical homes, or the creation of education programs and more will be considered and researched.

San Diego Homeless Community Research

This project involves research into the history and current issues surrounding homelessness in the San Diego community. A second goal of this project is to use this information and COVID-19 related research to create a flyer that can be posted in the downtown community.

Homeless HEAL Social Night Planning Committee

This project involves planning a social night for our members as a way to build organizational cohesion and allow for a night of fun aside from school and work.



Feminine Product and Diaper Drive

Resources available to homeless communities like hygiene products were previously low and in times of COVID-19 have become even more scarce. This group will be the planning committee for the upcoming fundraiser collecting donations or money for purchase of feminine products and/or diapers and wipes.


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