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Projects Initiative 2020-2021 Updates

Pairing ProgramThe program is focused on creating mentor-mentee and partner relationships between members within the organization. We have a diverse group of knowledge and experiences and want to foster relationships that can help members grow together. Currently about one third of the organization is involved. Next school year brings more opportunities to connect both in-person and virtual.

Homeless Youth Education Advocates Project The mission of this project is to provide homeless youth with holistic resources that successfully equip and empower them to achieve their educational and personal goals. It is important to provide an equitable educational opportunity for youth who experience homelessness. Templates have been creating to establish communication with shelters that cater to youth, and outlines for “Education Packets” have been made as a way to provide “hands-off” tutoring.

Community Kitchen Task ForceThe group’s goal was to create a video that could be distributed to spread information related to healthy diet and safe food preparation. The video presented a recipe that did not require extensive kitchen appliances and included ingredients that were easily accessible to various communities. The video will now be distributed across the county to shelters to display for their residents.

Homeless “Vital Sign” Research for AdvocacyThe goal of this research project is to research realistic policy changes to improve healthcare and access for those who experience homelessness and advocate their findings at the San Diego County level. This group is focusing on access to mental health care while the county focuses on “Housing First” initiatives. Progress is being made by communicating with members of local government and working on surveys that will be distributed to those who experience homelessness.

San Diego Homeless Community Research The purpose of this project is to do research on the history and current issues surrounding homelessness in the San Diego community. A secondary goal is to spread more information to those who experience homelessness and encourage vaccination in this group. The group has made progress to get more information from county officials, creating a poster to encourage vaccination, and creating surveys to get information from both those who experience homelessness and healthcare providers.

Homeless HEAL Social Night Planning CommitteeThe goal of this project was to plan a social night for our members as a way to build organizational cohesion and allow for a night of fun aside from school and work. Last school year we had two social nights where members played games and talked about our studies, hobbies and our future plans. 

Feminine Hygiene Product Drive Resources available to homeless communities like hygiene products were previously low and in times of COVID-19 have become even more scarce. Over this last school year, the group was able to collect enough money to donate over 250 pads and tampons to Rachel’s Women’s Center in San Diego.

Blanket Drive The blanket drive collected blankets and money to purchase blankets to distribute to those who experience homelessness in San Diego. The group also used the innovative idea of using an Amazon Registry to facilitate new blanket collection during the COVID-19 pandemic. The group was able to safely deliver 15 new blankets to those in need. 

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